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Anybody know of a window switcher plus one box search app?

I'm thinking a combination of and Launch a new app or switch to a running window (including browser tabs) with a few keystrokes, all from the same main launcher bar.

Done right, that'd pretty damn powerful. Instead of splitting launching and switching into separate apps, separate contexts, combine them together into the same command based syntax. And there's many more things you could hang off of the same keyboard syntax, just like a standard commandline. Maybe a plugin architecture to allow adding new commands.

I found and, which each have some pieces of the puzzle. Both are open source C# based and have a lot of good ideas, but lack the backing to get a good spit and polish needed to be broadly usable.

TBH, I'm tempted to take this on myself, but I'm too busy with a different startup to give it its due. It's a pretty big undertaking to get it right and smooth, but that seems right up Stardock's alley. You've got all other sorts of launchers via mouse, but nothing that's as powerful as this would be. Any interest?

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